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My name is, Jose Antonio Jarimba, I was born in Madeira Island, Portugal, I am a U.S Citizen, independent health researcher, a symmetrologist, author, and inventor. Since I was a child I had a curiosity for the unusual, rare, strange, dangerous, and for common sense.


I had a few friends, namely; Miguel Spinola, and Julio Ferreira, they shared identical abilities for the unusual, difficult, dangerous, and strange.


Time went by, and we all went different ways, but, I never forgot what we shared, built, tried, succeeded, and failed.


Just like our ancestor’s, I knew that we humans could do better about our health.


The Hippocrates physicians knew if we could keep a human structure (skeleton) in permanent alignment, and our body (fluid) in balance we could maintain health. Their theory caught my attention, and I embarked on a mission to discover if it was true. After 13 years of research of the human body, I discovered they were right.


After making this historic discovery, I contacted the U.S. Government, the Medicare Medicaid, and many organizations, some universities, many  “experts” in the medical field, scientists, researchers, journalists, (a lot of them) and to no avail.


After all these attempts in trying to reach out to this organizations for help in spreading the news about this discovery, and had no satisfactory response, I decided to go directly to the public. I opened my own offices, and now I want to educate the public that most of our health complications starts inside of our mother’s womb, and to make sure we keep our structure (skeleton) in permanent alignment, and the body (fluid) in balance.


The most important part of my research is that I did it independently, unbiased, no financial interests involved, no politics, no corruption. Imagine an independent researcher offering his services directly to the public? It is a win, win situation for the public and my organization.


If you have any health problems, look for a symmetrologist, and you will be happy that you did for the rest of your life.


To solve your health complications call us today.


For medical advice see a doctor.




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The Human Mold

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The Human Mold - Prevention from Origin. Copyright 2012 by : Jose A. Jarimba