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The truth about science in medicine and why you have pain and get sick.


Just like you, I read a lot about Health news and Health breakthroughs. America is focused on Health insurance for all, but no one sees what the American people want is to be Healthy and remain Healthy.


Most people don’t know how their body function. They don’t know what is the cause of pain, they don’t know the possible causes of their illnesses, and much less, where it all starts. It all starts like this:


What is the cause (origin) of pain in humans?

The cause (origin) of pain in humans, is when the human structure (bones) is asymmetric (misaligned), with the weight of the body (fluid) on top of the asymmetric (misaligned) structure (skeleton), causes friction, friction is what we know as pain.


What is the possible cause (origin) of illnesses in humans?

The cause of illnesses in humans is, when the human body (fluid) is imbalanced, it presses on the veins and causes improper (poor) blood circulation, improper (poor) blood circulation results in organ malfunction, such: Heart failure, kidney, liver, pancreas, lungs, and possible cognitive brain impairment, when these organs don’t function well, weakens the immune system, a weak immune system promotes infection, disease, and possible cancer in the human body.


Most of our health complications start inside of our mother’s womb before we are born.


When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she becomes a human mold, a baby will be molding (forming) inside of her, and if a mother-to-be rests towards one side of her body longer than the other, the baby molds (forms) structurally (skeleton) asymmetric (misaligned), and the body (fluid) imbalanced.


If you look around you, you may notice the following in people: Their face may appear asymmetric (misaligned), see less from one eye, one ear may appear pinned, the symmetry lines (smile lines), one may appear pulling towards the asymmetric side, one shoulder lower, one arm longer, one leg shorter, and much more. How can a human be healthy if its bones (structure) is asymmetric (misaligned), and its body (fluid) imbalanced? 90% of our health complications are pre-existing, and 30% of humans have a very weak immune system. These are the most venerable population that are effected by any kind of viruses.


The solution (cure) for pain is, to align the skeleton (structure) and the pain goes away for good.


The possible solution for illnesses in humans is, balance the body (fluid), when the fluid (body) is in balance, the veins open, blood starts circulating normal, the organs start functioning normal, the immune system rises, the healthy Cells multiply, (at this point the human body enters into an auto-immunotherapy), and the human body heals itself for good.


For a person to enjoy lasting excellent health, and live longer, our structure (skeleton), and our body (fluid) must function in harmony. Bone alignment, and body balance = optimal health. When our structure (skeleton) is in alignment we have no pain, when our veins are open, our body healthy Cells multiply to keeps us healthy, and our body no longer requires pain pills or medication.


This method is called: Corrective Health. I have helped thousands of people. The accuracy of this program is the most effective presently known in the world.



My work can be replicated (reproduced) by any researcher, scientist, or health journalist.


Any medical research that can’t be replicated should be questioned.


A healthy client is a wealthy client.


When you read mostly medical news, they say the following: Relieve, manage, control, or alleviate, are some of the words they use to confuse the public about their pain and illnesses.


When you watch T.V, you may listen the following about medication and pills: It will cause you diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, red skin, ulcers, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, liver damage, kidney damage, lung damage, and much more, but you never hear the words alignment or balance of the human body. Why? Because that is what really works.


Our health has nothing to do with medicine, it has to do with structural (skeleton) alignment, and body (fluid) balance. Just like a car.


And last… to all the readers: by knowing the origin of a health problem, you likely have the solution for it.


If you don’t know the origin of a problem, you can’t fix it.


To all the researchers, and scientists in the medical field 2+2 = 4, not 5.


To solve your health complications call us today.


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